Top Five Family Friendly Hotels and Resorts in Costa Rica


Fascinating wildlife and tame adventures, scenic and safe environment and singularly striking beaches, all adorn Costa Rica, a country in Central America whose name literally means “Rich Coast”, as an ideal holiday destination for the whole family looking for a rewarding adventure where both adults and kids can have fun, learn, and enjoy. However, it is always good to ensure that kids are welcome before you book your hotel: some of the lodgings in this great country do not host guests under 18. But to your favor as a family, many others are appropriate especially for traveling families and packed with kid-centric facilities and amenities—game centers, connecting rooms, jungle gyms, babysitting services and more. Some even have their locations on safe properties with on-site and stress-free outdoor activities that entertain every family member featured. Mini jungle hikes, for example, or boogie boarding on a private beach on the hotel or resort’s front.

As such, some hotels and resorts in this magnificent land are specifically dedicated to ensuring a smooth running vacation for your family. In short, they are very family friendly. Read on to discover the top five family friendly hotels and resorts in Costa Rica you and your family members can enjoy a memorable, hassle-free stay.

1. Tulemar Bungalows & Villas

Tulemar Bungalows and Villas is a top family friendly spot in Costa Rica, best ranked in the country and the world. The reasons Tulemar ranks top are just breathtaking—the singular beach-side, jungle compound is perfectly secure, and offers a wide range of accommodations—connecting rooms included—that fit up to ten persons. There are children’s programs, a pool, as well as hiking trails often awash with toucans that kids will love watching, and laugh.

2. Hilton Papagayo Resort

A large family would definitely be relieved if the food is taken care of. Now that is one of the packages you get to enjoy at Hilton Papagayo. It is an all-inclusive resort located on Costa Rica’s magnificent Papagayo Peninsula with an option of six places to eat and, of course, a whopping lot other activities—from tennis, aerobics to dance lessons. And if the parents fancy private moment on the golf course or at the spa, there are bilingual staff to guide and supervise the kids at the Kidz Paradise Club, where they (kids) do and enjoy arts and crafts, or play video games, and if they want, slide.

3. Peace Lodge and Waterfall Gardens

Near the Poas Volcano is hidden in a cloud forest the Peace Lodge and Waterfalls Gardens, an extravagant property that almost feels like “Disney Land Costa Rica”. On the lodge grounds there is a superbly maintained waterfall hike, and also an elaborate outdoor rescue center where both kids and their parents can enjoy feeding toucans, laugh and play with monkeys, gawk at jaguars. A wide range of specially designed rooms and villas there accommodate families of different sizes. The property further offers serious family perks. For instance, if the kids are off to the state-or-the-art game room, the daddy and mom can get into their balcony hot tub and enjoy their treasured privacy.

4. Lapa Rios Ecolodge

If you are the eco-conscious family yearning to bond with your likes and the natural environment that embody your taste, on Osa Peninsula there’ the Lapa Rios Ecolodge for you. In a 1,000 acre rain forest reserve, where the upscale lodgings are set, are excellent trails and much wildlife. However, take note that this spot is for only the families with an absolute taste for unsullied nature, and who can intermingle easily without fear or boredom, for the property offers no artificial air-conditioning, and there are no TVs, phones, or internet.

5. Hotel Villa Caletas

Sitting upon a mountaintop, Hotel Villa Caletas offers a spectacular scenic view, and features it’s an infinity pool and its own Greek Theater. It is a great family friendly property with high security, and featuring all sizes of rooms and admirable decorative styles. The couches in here can be seamlessly swapped for cots—great for kids, isn’t it? And what’s more, there are shuttle services for dropping guests to and from a private beach down the mountain.

If you are heading to Costa Rica for a family vacation, choosing any of the above hotels/resorts will give you the perfect opportunity to enjoy your stay there—something you surely want whenever you get out as that far. Your spouse and kids will feel rewarded, too, and all of you will see and learn new things–and make new friends.