How to Enjoy an Exotic Beach Honeymoon in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is renowned as a tropical paradise and one of the most serene places for a romantic honeymoon.

Costa Rica enjoys an extensively diverse culture, because of its multifaceted history. It’s culture is greatly influenced by the British, French and Indian workforce. This is the reason for its assorted cultures, religions, and languages. This is also evident in the food, which is a mix of Caribbean, Indian, Chinese, and European.

Why Costa Rica for a Beach Honeymoon?

Costa Rica is the ultimate destination to enjoy an exotic beach honeymoon. It offers different hotel options at the most beautiful white sand beaches. One great beach hotel that offers great honeymoon packages is the well known Cala Luna Boutique Hotel. It offers breathtaking white sand beaches, great cuisine, world class spa and excellent romantic spots.

Costa Rica enjoys warm turquoise waters with white sandy beaches, aromatic blossoms and gently swaying palms. It is an ideal destination for a honeymoon.

Cala Luna Boutique Hotel & Villas is so close to Costa Rica’s Pacific shore that waves are will lull you to sleep. It is found on a secluded section of Langosta Beach, where the sunsets are vibrantly visible and the tide rolls in over volcanic rock, Cala Luna is centrally located to the surfing mecca of Tamarindo. But the natural beauty makes the resort itself a place to connect with Mother Earth.

Cala Luna offers picturesque architecture of indigenous hardwoods, this stunning property blends with its lush surroundings.

You and your bride will enjoy sophisticated comforts, and range from Deluxe Rooms to spacious Villas. The Villas, in distinguished decor have a private pool, tranquil terraced garden and sleek gourmand’s kitchen. Classic amenities for the couple to indulge include a free-form pool with cabanas. An organic garden is applauded for its abundance and care. After dark, this region’s most admired fusion dishes are prepared and you can have a romantic dinner in one of the two restaurants.

Its exotic surroundings and old world charm set it apart from other destinations in the country. An evening stroll along the beautiful coastal path or hiking and climbing mountains will give you wonderful memories to remember the place by. So if you want to enjoy an exotic beach honeymoon consider Cala Luna Boutique Hotel as an option, feel free to visit their site and learn more about their honeymoon packages.

In conclusion, Costa Rica is known for its empty, serene beaches, dense hills, green meadows, an amazing flora and fauna and an enthralling history, for those keen on learning it. Costa Rica’s old world charm continues to attract newly weds each year. There is an array of activities that you can both indulge in as a couple that will bond you more. This is the perfect destination to begin a new chapter in your life with your loved one.